Sunday, November 24, 2013

My First Meet Up

On Wednesday October 16th, I organized my very first Lolita meet up! I know the title of this post suggests that this was my very first meet up ever, but it isn't. It's the first I organised myself. ^^ Before I continue, let me give you a bit of pre-history:
a little while ago, my German friend Vera (who I met at the Tea Parties in Paris) told me she was coming to the Netherlands for a couple of days vacation and she was wondering if I wanted to meet up together with her and her friend Anna. Of course I said yes and I soon started planning an official meet up. Since I planned the meeting on a Wednesday, I didn’t expect many girls to be available, but surprisingly enough quite some girls signed up! Due to circumstances some had to cancel after all, but we were still with a total 10 girls. I was so happy people wanted to come! :D So on October 16th I woke up, had breakfast and got dressed into my black and pink outfit that I had planned for this day. My mom took some pictures of me in our garden (the dogs were very frustrated they weren’t allowed to come as well, haha). I hope you like my outfit! ♥

Powder Rose 1
✿Roses for a Meet Up✿
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: offbrand
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Powder Rose
Tights: Primark
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Necklaces: Claire’s
Heart clip: Swimmer
Bracelets: Claire’s and Chocomint
Rings: Claire’s and offbrand

Powder Rose 2

Powder Rose 3

Powder Rose 4

Powder Rose 5

I took the train to Utrecht Central Station, where I walked to the Meeting Point (it literally says ‘Meeting Point’, there’s even a sign!). I was standing there for maybe three minutes when Vera and Anna walked up to me! I was so happy to see Vera again and to meet Anna for the first time! Not long after the other girls joined us one by one, we introduced ourselves and then we went on our way to the restaurant I had chosen to have lunch.

Walking in Utrecht
Lolitas in the street. You can see the Domtower in the distance.

We arrived at the restaurant and I asked if they had enough seats for us. I had tried to make a reservation in advance, but somehow it wasn’t possible. Luckily the big table in the middle of the restaurant was free, so we sat down. We had a very lovely lunch with nice food.Vera tried something very Dutch: ‘kroket’ on bread. ^^ I had it myself as well.

If you wanna have it Dutch, order this! ^^

We stayed for quite a long time, because we had so much fun just chatting! I was so happy everyone was having a good time.

A group picture in the restaurant. ♥

After lunch we went to the Domtower Square to take some pictures there. I hadn’t dragged my tripod with me all the time for nothing of course! ^^ I was glad it wasn’t too crowded, so we could take pictures in peace. First, we took some group pictures.

Our group~! Names and full shots can be found below. :3

I took a lot of single pictures as well. Everyone looked so amazing! *_*

Portrait 1
First up: Eline in her beautiful black and white coord (and with her gorgeous eyes)!

Portrait  2
Josine, looking amazing and elegant as always!

Portrait  3
Michelle, with her amazing black and gold outfit and flower crown!

Portrait 4
Anna, the only girl only in pastels, so cute!

Portrait 5
Eveline, looking amazing in Star Night Theater!

Portrait 6
Leyla, rocking the pregnant Lolita-look!

Portrait 7
Rowie, looking gorgeous in every picture I took!

Portrait 8
And Finally Vera, who looked wonderful in her Fancy Box outfit!

Vera and Me
Me with Vera! ♥

After taking our pictures, we went to go shopping for a bit. We visited a big second hand clothing shop I had never been before and just entered shops we thought were interesting. It was quite nice and since we were wearing coats, not many people bothered us with questions.

Some shopping snaps.

We spent a lovely afternoon together, but all fun must end. Around 4:30 pm we went back to the station to have some Bubble Tea together, after which everyone could take the train.

Bubble Tea
Lovely ladies waiting for their Teas~!

We drank our Bubble Teas and after some more chatting, we went to the station and said goodbye. I took some pictures in a photobooth with Vera and Anna (the first time we failed, stupid machine!) and after that, we had to say goodbye. It had been a wonderful day and I hope I’ll see them again soon! ♥


  1. It was a awesome lolita meet <3 i did enjoy it so much! And you look great in that dress 0.0 i still want your're headbow,
    Thank you for the compliment <3 i so happy that my picture is in your're blog :o you famous lolita.


    1. I am so glad you think so. Yay, my first meet was a succes! ^^
      Whoa thank you, you looked amazing tooo! =D

      Aw stop it you! You're making me blush! *O_O*

  2. You are so beautiful! I love your dress! :))

  3. Ahh~ YOU are the kind dutch lolita Vera told me about! You all looked very beautiful - I would love to join such an international meet up one day, too! ^__^

    1. Oooh she said that? I am so happy! =D I love Vera. :3
      Thank you so much! You should come by some day!