Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kawaii Weekend, Day 1 – Travelling, Shopping and Dancing

Ha! I bet you thought my adventures were over now that I am done with my Paris posts! Well, you’re wrong, because we’re not even half there yet! Because right after Paris there was the Kawaii Event! Let me give you a little backstory: some weeks before Paris, a very big event was announced in my own country! Leyla of the Dutch Lolita shop MFashion was busy organising a big Lolita Event together with the Japanese staff of Kawaii International! The event was called ‘The Lolita Kawaii Event’ and would take up two days. On Saturday there would be a Tea Party and an evening event with musical performances and an outfit contest and on Saturday there would be a trip to a famous castle and a picknick. It would be for Lolitas only and even boyfriends that came along had to dress up nicely as well. It sounded like a lot of fun, but everything became even more special when soon it was announced that famous Lolita models Misako Aoki and Rinrin Doll would join as well! Of course I really wanted to go, but unfortunately the event would be right after I came back from Paris! The tickets were also quit pricy, but then I thought: ‘Maybe there will never be an event like this in my country ever again! This is such a big chance!’ Meanwhile, I was talking with Emilie on Facebook about the whole event. We were talking about how amazing it would be if she could stay at my house and we’d go to the event together and all that. But suddenly, after I had asked my parents if they would be okay with it, plans were being made! Emilie was actually coming to stay with me and we would meet Misako and Rinrin together! We were so overjoyed, I cannot begin to explain it! It would be our little Kawaii Weekend together!

Kawaii Poster
The Kawaii Event poster announcing the special guests!

So finally the day to take the train to Paris came, we had the Tea Parties, Emilie and I said goodbye again (which felt strange, since we would see each other again in a few days! XD), my mom came, we had fun, we went home and then, the next morning, I jumped in the train again to pick up my dear Emilie~! ♥ And this is where my blogpost starts!
On Friday morning I woke up (with a lot of trouble… -_-), got dressed and went to the train station, where I took the train to the airport. God I was so tired! I almost fell asleep in the train! Luckily I had brought a book along, which helped. ^^
I arrived at Schiphol Airport and quickly found the right departures hall, where I waited for Emilie to come through the doors. I didn’t have to wait for long to hug my friend again (after five days. XD)!
We took the train back to my home town and talked a lot (as if we hadn’t talked enough). We were still amazed by the fact we had both won a prize at the Angelic Pretty Tea Party, haha! Emilie also told me she had to get used to the fact that there were no mountains anywhere in the Netherlands! XD
After a while, the train conductor came by to check our tickets. He asked Emilie if she was English, because of her accent. Emilie was so happy! *^^* The train conductor talked to us for a while and we arrived at the station, where my mom was waiting for us with the car. We put Emilie’s bright orange suitcase in the back and we drove to my house.
At first, I felt weird showing Emilie where I lived. Geneva, where Emilie comes from, is an amazing, old city filled with beautiful architecture and rich history. The place I live is very new, with only new buildings and new houses. I almost felt ashamed, but suddenly, while we were looking out the window, Emilie asked: ‘Ah, does that street sign say ‘Giraffe street?’ I said: ‘Yes…’ Turns out she totally loved the fact that we give our streets themed names here! Yay for my hometown! ^^
We arrived at my house and I introduced Emilie to my dogs! She especially loved my pug Catootje a lot. She thought she was funny and sweet. ^^ And as Catootje loves visitors (and attention), she liked Emilie a lot as well!
After petting the dogs for a while, we went upstairs where Emilie of course had to inspect my closet. She also took some pictures (all pictures of this day were taken by her actually).

Finally some pictures of my closet on my blog! ^^

After Emilie had browsed through my closet, it was time to lay down our coordinates for the next day! Because I had just returned from Paris, I hadn’t really had the time to come up with an all new coord. Luckily, I had decided pretty early on that I wanted to wear one of my all-time favourite outfits again: my Milky Berry dress combined with red and white, the outfit that I had worn in February at the High Tea meet. I didn’t want to wear the exact same outfit of course, so I combined the outfit with my new Baby, the Stars Shine Bright socks and Angelic Pretty strawberry necklace. Emilie helped me coordinating and I also helped a little with her outfit: she would wear her beautiful new Dream Sky One Piece in a very elegant coord, combined with white, blue and pearls.

Sneak Peek
Some details of Emilie’s outfit. The whole coord will remain a secret until the next post! ;)

Emilie put her dress in my closet to keep it safe until the next day and then handed me some presents! She had brought some Swiss delicacies: Willisauer Ringli, Läckerli and Ragusa chocolates for me and my family. She had also bought me the cutest Paris necklace to match my new dress! I was so happy! ;_;
Since we didn’t know whether Misako and RinRin would hand out postcards to have them signed, we decided to make our own! We chose two cute pictures of the two idols and printed them twice. They could dry the whole night. ^^
Misako and RinRin would both perform at the evening event. We didn’t know what RinRin would sing yet, but Misako would perform her new song ‘Maepatsuhimeka’, which also had a cute little dance to go with it. So I suggested to learn the Misako dance together! I had two videos: one little clip featuring Misako and four dancers and another one in which some lovely Lolitas showed the dance as well. The second video was easier to use, so we played it at least 30 times! XD Since the dance had to be done with only the right arm, it shouldn’t be too difficult, but it actually was! I had already practiced the dance a little with a friend, so I knew it a bit, but Emilie didn’t know it at all. So while we practiced, we came up with names for every part of the dance. Things like ‘sailor’, ‘bow’ and ‘penguin’ made a lot of sense to us! XD Because of these names, we managed to learn it really well after all! :3
We watched a lot of funny videos that made us tear up with laughter, when my mom came in and asked if we still wanted to go shopping for a bit. She offered to drive us to the city, so we got our things and got into the car.
We arrived in the city not long after and walked around for a bit. Emilie was amazed by all the new buildings and weird architecture in my town. She compared it to an amusement park! XD

Some of the interesting buildings found in my city.

We wanted to get some Bubble Tea (I love Bubble Tea so much~!). We quickly arrived at the shop and we both ordered some. Mango for Emilie, strawberry for me!

Bubble Tea
I am so glad to know Bubble Tea exists! ♥

Emilie has been to Taiwan twice and since Bubble Tea was invented there, she has had some there of course. I was afraid she would hate our Bubble Tea here, but she said it was nice! I was glad. ^^ She did tell me the bubbles in our Bubble Tea are very different from Taiwanese Bubble Tea. I thought that was interesting.

Emilie looking cute with her Bubble Tea.

There will be no pictures of me during this day. I looked like a zombie (in my opinion)! While drinking our Tea we went on our way to my city’s pride and joy: the newly opened Primark! You have no idea how much money this place brings into our local economy! XD
We browsed the (giant) store and suddenly Emilie went crazy! She had discovered the cutest Sugar Hearts shirts and we both fell in love, so we decided to both try them on. We walked to the fitting rooms and while we were waiting in line, we found some adorable pink tops that fit the print on the shirt really well, so we decided to try those on as well. After trying on, Emilie and I both decided to buy the two items, so we had matching outfits!
We left the Primark again and walked all the way to the HEMA, where I bought two bags of Old Dutch candy to give to Misako and Rinrin as gifts. At first I wanted to give them traditional stroopwafels, but since I knew I wouldn’t be the only one with that idea, I decided on cute candy. ^^
Emilie and I walked back to where my mom dropped us off. We bought some baguettes (my mom had called me to ask if we could bring them) at the supermarket (yay, now I could show Emilie a real Dutch supermarket too! XD) and then waited for my mom to pick us up again. After a little while she arrived and we went home, where Emilie and I watched some more stupid videos until dinner. My mom wanted to eat something traditionally Dutch, but eventually we decided to go ‘gourmet’: everyone cooks their own meat and optionally vegetables. We often do this at Christmas, so it’s really something special. Emilie liked it a lot. ^^
After dinner we talked, practiced the dance, talked some more and eventually went to bed. The next day would be a very special one! Prepare for many pictures!

All pictures are taken by Emilie.


  1. Yay, the kawaii event post. I was waiting for this!
    You closet, it's super cute. Al those pretty dresses and accessories. Sounds like you have had a great day. And I didn't know Taiwanese bubble tea would taste different.

    1. Yaaaay! I will work hard for the next post! =D
      Thank you so much! *^^* It's actually a bit messy right now, but I really love my closet!
      It was a really nice day. :3

  2. Oh gosh your closet is so pretty and organized. You always make me want to spend on pastel colored pieces. <3

    1. Thank you so much! It's actually a bit messy right now, I really need to clean! ^^'
      Do iiit! :D

  3. I'm jealous of people who live in Europe. It is so easy to travel between countries but in the USA, even if you go a really big distance, you are still only in the USA.

    1. I understand what you mean. I often forget how big America is. But please don't think it's supereasy to travel around here! It can be really expensive and Europe is quite big as well!