Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paris, Day 3 – Angelic Pretty Shop Event and Crêpes

On Saturday morning, we woke up quite early again. On this day there would be a special event at the Angelic Pretty shop, with novelty items and a visit from designers Maki and Asuka! Dominique had told us to not come before 11.30 am, so we could sleep for a longer time. But Paris, with its strange magic, made us wake up super early again, despite the fact we had been so tired.
We got dressed in easy clothes, went to get breakfast at the bakery and ate everything on our beds. The weather looked promising again, yay~! After some talking and just hanging around, we got dressed in our casual outfits. We both wore outfits incorporating Angelic Pretty items: Emilie wore her special Angelic Pretty Paris chocolate t-shirt and Melty Chocolate barrette bow, while I wore my red with polka dots cutsew OP and Paris badge I had received at the Tea Party last year. I also wore the two items I had purchased in order to get my ticket for this year’s Tea Party: my cute Heart Square bag in sax (which I adooore) and my sweet Whip Show Case ring. Unfortunately, neither of them matched my Tea Party outfit, so this was a perfect opportunity to wear them. ^^ I also attached a pair of cherries to my dress, but I lost one of them quite soon sadly.
Emilie and I left the hotel around 9:15 am and wanted to take some outfit pictures, when I suddenly discovered I had forgotten to put my memory card back into my camera! I am so glad I discovered it on time. I had also almost forgotten my passport, ahem.
We went on our way to the Angelic Pretty shop. Emilie and I were wondering about the new items. AP Paris had posted on their Facebook there were some exclusive new items and Emilie suspected Angelic Pretty’s newest print to be there: Promenade de Paris. I was really hoping it would be there, since it looked like a very promising print to me, but I didn’t really want to hope too hard. We took the metro (again, to Concorde and then line 8) and arrived at Ledru Rollin. It was lovely walking in the streets! The sun was shining, but the trees provided enough shade. Suddenly, a weird guy passed us by and mumbled something incomprehensible. Even Emilie, who speaks French, had no idea what he was talking about!
We walked into Rue Keller and saw someone waving at us. It was Vief! She looked amazing in her lavender Sugary Carnival skirt! We were really happy to see her again. We also asked if Annso was there and immediately she appeared, of course in a perfect twin outfit with Vief. These girls are so amazing! ♥

Annso and Vief, double perfection!

Talking to them is really great too, because we speak the same language. We switched a lot between English and Dutch, haha. :3
I looked at the shop windows and my heart skipped a beat: Emilie was right! Promenade de Paris was there, on one of the mannequins! It was the lavender x pink One Piece and I instantly fell in love! *_* A real ‘coup de foudre’, as the French say it. The print had Eiffeltowers with a bow, a Lolita with an AP shopping bag walking a dog, a patisserie, a candy store, a little AP shop and more on it! Everything I love about Paris! The other two mannequins were wearing Dream Sky, which made Emilie very happy. :3

AP Shop Front
Angelic Pretty’s shop windows.

While waiting, we also met a lovely Brolita from Italy dressed in Rose Toilette and another sweet girl in a lovely, simple outfit.
Finally, Dominique appeared! I apologised for being too early after all, even though he said not to come too early x). Luckily, it was no problem and he took a picture of the ‘first customers of the Saturday morning’ (as was written later on Facebook)! ^^
We were allowed inside and looked around in the store. There was a lot of new jewelry from the Melty Moon series and we took a look at the re-release of Milky Planet. They had the bright blue One Piece on display. We thought it was quite flashy. ^^’ There was also a lovely dark blue dress with white polka dots and a red bow belt, so French! I loved it!

AP Details
Some shots of the Angelic Pretty shop.

I walked up to the pink closet filled with dresses to take a look at the other dresses of Promenade de Paris. There was a skirt and two different colours of the Round Jumperskirt, but as they had no shirring it was not an option for me. Luckily, there was also one Halterneck Jumperskirt that had full shirring in the back! It was the lavender x pink version and it was so pretty! I just had to try it on! Dominique told us that having Promenade de Paris in store was very exclusive, since it wasn’t out in Japan yet. I would be the first in the world the try it on! Well except for models in a photoshoot maybe. ;) Let’s say I am the first customer then! =D
Dominique took the dress away for me and I tried it on in the adorable dressing room. I put the dress on over my cutsew OP (I wanted to keep the dress clean and new no matter what), but when I looked in the mirror I was sold. I walked out of the dressing room, where Emilie, Vief and Annso were waiting (and checking the store of course). They were really positive about it, which pushed me even more to buying the dress. Emilie told me this dress was made for me: everything is Paris! When I also tried on the matching head bow, there was no way back. Yet, something made me doubt… The lavender x pink version was gorgeous, there was no doubt about that, but when I had seen some (very small) photoshoot pictures, I really liked the sax x pink version. Unfortunately, there was no example of the sax version, so I had no idea what it looked like. The dress cost a lot of money and if it turned out not to be my favourite colour, I would regret it so much! I walked around, not knowing what to do (I am so terribly indecisive).
Then, I heard some commotion and I looked up: Maki and Asuka had arrived! It was as if someone put a spotlight on them and the angels started singing: Maki was wearing Promenade de Paris, in sax! She was my saving angel! I quickly jumped back into the dressing room (I was still wearing the jumperskirt over my red dress) and took it off again. Emilie and I went to greet Maki, Asuka, Madame Pretty (or Honda-san, as her actual name is) and a lovely AP Shopgirl called Yumiko.
I took a good look at Maki’s beautiful outfit. She wore Promenade de Paris in sax with a pink beret and cardigan. I cannot tell you how glad I am she wore this dress, because it was official: sax was my dream colour for this dress! To be honest, whenever I really cannot decide, I need my mom to help me. XD I called her and asked her opinion about the case and she was so sweet. In the end, I decided to get the dress through a shopping service with Emilie’s help! So that day I bought nothing, to keep my money for my new Dream Dress. *_*
Emilie and I took pictures with Madame Pretty, who was sweet as ever. We also took some lovely pictures with Maki and of course instant pictures!

Mme Pretty
With Madame Pretty! We matched. ^^

Maki asked Emilie where she was from and when Emilie told her she lives in Switzerland, Maki was all happy and told her she wanted to try Swiss chocolate sometime. Coincidence: Emilie had brought some Swiss chocolates for Maki and Asuka as a gift, so this was the perfect moment to give it! Maki was so happy! ♥ We also took pictures with Asuka and Yumiko. I matched really well with both of them! ^^ Asuka was wearing Freshly Picked Strawberries with a lovely red cardigan and bag, while Yumiko wore Drained Cherry in white with a pretty red bolero. ^^ Dominique told dus Yumiko is a staff member at AP Yokohama and that she was rewarded with a trip to Paris for begin such a great employee. Such a wonderful reward! *_*

Yumiko, Maki and Asuka. They all looked so pretty~!

In the meantime, Emilie had made a big purchase: she bought the Dream Sky One Piece in lavender! She had loved Dream Sky for a long time, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to buy it! As a novelty, she received a Lyrical Bunny candle. ^^ Both Annso and Vief had bought Dream Sky too, for some more epic twinning! ♥
The store was getting fuller now and I talked a little with some lovely German girls. They weren’t coming to the Angelic Pretty Tea Party unfortunately, but I would see them pretty soon after all. ;)
I took some lovely solo pictures of Maki, Asuka and Yumiko, said goodbye and then we left the store. Emilie was talking to some French girls outside, while I talked a little more with Dominique. He is so kind. ♥
Finally, Emilie and I went on our way to Princess Crêpe to finally have the crêpe we had been looking forward to for weeks~! We took the metro to Saint Paul and I followed Emilie while taking pictures of the beautiful buildings.

Le Marais
In Paris, you don’t look in front of you, you have to look up~!

We quickly walked into the right street and entered the adorable crêperie. We both ordered a drink and a ‘Princess Crêpe’ and took some pictures around the shop (after asking of course). ^^ Even though I had been there last year and nothing had changed, I took pictures of every corner. Princess Crêpe is just too cute! ^^

Pink Room
I really like these pictures of us!

Soon we received our delicious crêpes and after the shop girl took a picture for us, we could finally eat. ♥ It was so good~! I believe I had ice cream, whipped cream, fruit and chocolate cake. *_* After we finished, also we took some pictures outside.

Princess Crêpe
I love the cute, eye-catching window of Princess Crêpe! It’s impossible to miss!

Then we went back to the hotel. It took a while before we arrived and it was quite hot, so we were glad to be back. We took my laptop downstairs (for better wifi) and Emilie helped me to write an email to a shopping service. I think I could have done it myself, but I prefered to have an expert next to me. ;) When I was done, we went back upstairs again where Emilie made love to her new dress. XD

Dream Sky
Emilie’s beautiful new Dream Sky One Piece! I love the polka dots lace.

We rested for a while and then went on our way again to do a little sight seeing, so we went to the Arc de Triomphe (one of my favourite buildings ever)!
It took a while before we could take nice pictures. Initially we waited for a bus to move, but it just stayed there (even after the little grandmas that moved at a glacial pace left the bus. Yes, that was a ‘The Devil wears Prada’ reference. XD), so we crossed the street. There, we took some great pictures!

Arc de Triomphe Jump
Jump~! I love the red bus in the distance.

We walked down the entire Champs-Elysées, passing fancy restaurants, Ladurée (where people were waiting in a big line), Häagen-Dazs (with a very funny poster featuring a smiling Bradley Cooper), Louis Vuitton, a cinema, Abercrombie & Fitch and many more shops. We realised we were more tired than we thought, so we returned to the hotel. We decided to have pizza again, but poor Emilie was so tired I offered to get the pizzas on my own. I went to the Italian restaurant and ordered (in French!) two pizzas. One of the older waiters must have liked me, because he kept smiling at me and saying ‘Bella! Bella!’ to his co-workers. XD I didn’t have to wait long and we had some delicious pizzas in our hotel room. We talked, cleaned a bit and put down the things we needed for the next day.

Instant Pictures
Our instant pictures. I am so grateful Emilie took pictures of me too! ♥

After a while, Emilie fell asleep, but I read for a while. I also didn’t feel very well (which gave me a bit of a scare, since I didn’t want to miss the next day for the world!), so I took an extra shower. That really helped. Then I went to sleep as well. It had been a wonderful day!

Pictures are either taken by Emilie or by me.


  1. Ahhh lovely outfits from everyone in this post, especially Asuka! I am in love with the Freshly Picked Strawberries print, hopefully I can get my hands on it some day~
    And I am jealous of your language skills! I would be too shy to order in French even though I used to learn it in school >.< I have been out of practice for a while. I suppose living in Europe is useful in that way, Australia is too far away from anywhere else :P

    1. Asuka looked so amazing! Red really suits her! And that print is lovely, I hope you will have it some day!
      Ahaha, I have been to Paris three times before, but I was always way too afraid to speak French. Now I did it just for a bit, but I should really do it more (and work on my German, ahem).

    2. Oh I also forgot to mention I like what you did with your shoes! And I hope I will have it too, I really do have a thing for strawberries haha.
      Good luck with your practice! I've been teaching myself some Japanese lately in preparation as I'll be going there for the first time in December! So excited to recognise all the places that I see photos of in blogs, including yours :P

    3. Oh you noticed! I am so glad! =D Thank you. <3

      I am sure you will get it! If you really want something, it will come true eventually!

      Thank you, haha! OOOOOOOOOOOH HOW EXCITING!!! Have TONS of fun! If there's anything you'd like to know (directions for shops), don't be afraid to ask. I might not always know the answers though (XD). Of course, you don't have to. ;)

    4. Haha I'm glad you're excited for me xD I'm going to be anticipating it for the rest of the year.
      Aw thanks for offering, that's so nice of you <3 Maybe I should add you on Facebook so we can talk more.. is that what people do now? I don't know lol. Hopefully we should be OK though, Google Maps will be our best friend.

    5. Such a great thing to look forward to! :D
      Oh yes, add me on FB! PLEASE leave me a message saying who you are though, otherwise I don't know who adds me. XD

  2. ahh promenade does look like the kind of cute dress that would suit you so i'm really glad you got to try it on before! Your friend's dress is stunning too and everyone looked super pretty. I can tell you had a great time again. A kiss, Jo

    1. It's a real Dream Dress to me. *_* I hope it will come soon!
      Dream Sky is really a much prettier dress than I thought. Emilie looks great in it, lavender really suits her!

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see your new dress! It will be perfect for you as you are such a Francophile. ^_^ May I hope it pops up here as pictures on your blog?! :) The new Promenade de Paris is gorgeous, but not for me, although I couldn't pass on the adorable Eiffel Tower jewellery so I am expecting that in the mail.

    And can I just say that I adore Asuka, she is just so cute! I would have loved to be able to go to Paris and the tea party too.


    1. Haha, same here! I can't wait for it to arrive! Thank you, I am glad you think so! =D There will definitely be pictures. ;)
      Haha, I like the jewelry too! So cute!

      Asuka looked amaaazing! =D

  4. How I love your reports!!
    Every time one ends, I think "noooo, what did you do after that? What happened?" :D
    The German girls that you talked to are probably the ones I told you about, where I saw you on the photo of a German Lolita, right?

    1. I am so glad you do! ;___; <3
      Really? I am so honoured, thank you!

      Yes, I think so! ^^

  5. AS always, I loved reading about our adventure haha...
    Congrats on (almost) getting your dream dress although I do feel that oftentimes the search and anticipation of said dream dress is as exciting as receiving it...hehe
    I hope to see it (the dress)soon modeled on the blog!!
    I hope I can go to Paris some day~

    1. Thank you so muuuch! ^^
      Haha, thanks! The search is usually a lot of fun, indeed, but I must say falling in love with a new dress and just ordering is a lot easier and slightly less stressful XD
      One daaaaaaaaaaay!!!

  6. Aw so awesome! And grats on your new dresses! :D