Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dolly Time at a Lolita Birthday

Two weeks ago my friend Cat organised a Lolita birthday meet up for her friend Rowan and I was very honoured to be invited as well! The theme for the meet up was black and white, a bit to the Gothic side, but as a sweet girl I decided to go for pink! And black, haha. I decided to wear my Fantasic Dolly dress again (I love that dress sooo much), with a black bolero, dotted off brand knee socks and pink shoes. I remember when I bought the bolero years ago, before I officially started wearing Lolita, I thought it would be nice for Lolita and now I could finally actually wear it with a dress!
My mom was kind enough to take some pictures of me. ^^

Dolly Time One
♠Dolly Time♠
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: off brand
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Fantasic Dolly
Accessories: 6% Dokidoki, Claire’s
Socks: off brand
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Dolly Time Two

Dolly Time Three

Dolly Time Four

Due to some circumstances, I arrived late and last. I felt so bad, but luckily everyone was happy I was there and it made me feel a little better! Everyone looked really nice and after lots of hugging we went on our way to the Bubble Tea shop. There, we all ordered some delicious Bubble Tea (I chose strawberry flavour and popping). The shop staff there really love us! This was the second time they asked for a picture of us in the shop. ^^

Bubble Tea
Mine and Cat’s drinks ♥ The group minus me ♥ Me and my delicious Bubble Tea

After we had all paid for our drinks, we went on our way to the bus station to take the bus to Cat’s house, where the party would take place. After a little waiting, the bus arrived and we all sat down. We talked for a while and we quickly arrived at the right stop. While we walked to Cat’s house, three construction workers noticed us and one pulled out his camera, yelled: ‘Smile!’ at us and took a picture. I didn’t say anything about it, but I did not smile. I don’t mind pictures, but… just not like that. Luckily we arrived at Cat’s house soon after.
When we walked into the room, we were all happily surprised by the wonderfully decorated table: a black and a white tablecloth, fancy dinnerware, floating balloons… Leave it to Cat to create an amazing table!
We all got rid of our coats and sat down at the seats with our nameplate(!). Quickly, the tea, cake and cookies came out!

Birthday Food
My seat with nameplate ♥ Rowan blowing out the candles on her themed birthday cake
♥ Bat-, cat- and tombstone cookies

After chatting, drinking tea and eating cake and cookies, it was time for presents! Rowan got some really nice things, including a beautiful music notes skirt made by Cat and her mom. Rowan was so happy she cried. ♥
Then we went outside to take some pictures. Recently, the ‘Kamehameha-trend’ has been going all over the internet: one person blows the other(s) away with invisible power. We all quite liked it, so we tried to do it too! We weren’t too great at it at first, but we managed to get some nice pictures.

A normal group picture ♥ Kamehameha! ♥ Light vs. Dark ♥ Cat and her wonderful face, haha!

After many jumping (and failing) attempts, we also took outfit shots, which resulted in some nice personal pictures. ^^ Then we went back inside to eat Cat and Rowan’s self made sushi and onigiri. Unfortunately the sushi was a bit frozen thanks to Cat’s interesting fridge, but they were still really good. After that we had delicious mini cakes (I was too full to try multiple of them unfortunately).

Sushi and Mini Cakes
The wonderful sushi ♥ The wonderful mini cakes

After eating, we did some crafting (I made a little bow, go me!) and then I had to go home sadly. The next day would be a long day as well, since I would go to the Japan Market with Cat, so I didn’t want to go home too late. Nevertheless it had been a wonderful day and I was really happy to spend it with all these lovely Lolitas! ^^ If you want to read about Cat’s preparations and her point of view on this day, you can find her post about it here.
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. ♥


  1. That is such a gorgeous coordinate! Pink and black is probably my favourite colour combination and it looks so lovely on you :3

    Looks like you all had a great time!

    1. You really think so? Thank you so much! =D I am so glad you like it. ^^ I think pink and black go so well together too!

  2. aww wearing your favorite dress on loliday is such a good idea, i did not think of that. I haven't worn mine in a while too.
    Anyway this post is so full of love, i can tell you had a blast. Everyone looks amazing and your community seems really close which is a lot better than the opposite.
    I love your friedn's bday cake! I never had a personalized cake so that really caught my eye. The location is lovely and i think you succeded in the kame shots, they look very believable!

    I'm just happy you had a nice day!

    1. Haha, unfortunately I didn't dress up on Loliday. Hopefully at the inter edition again! ^^
      Thank you! We really had a good time! It's funny: we're not a big country but this is just a very small part of the Lolita community here. But this part is indeed quite close. I think.
      Haha, it looked great and tasted great too! Rowan made it with Cat's mom I believe.
      Haha, I am glad you think the pictures look good! At first I participated as well, but almost no one understand my camera and when to press the button at exactly the right time, so I ended up making them. ^^

      Thank you so much~! <3

  3. Wow, that cake looks amazing! I love all the food pictures, everything looks delicious ^^ And that outfit suits you so perfectly, it's a nice outfit. The kamehameha photo's look so funny ^^

    1. I know right? *_* Everything on the menu looked great and tasted great!
      Thank you so much! *^^*

  4. That sound like a wonderful birthday, Cat knows how to manage an event these cakes are A-MA-ZING !

    1. Cat is an amazing organiser! ^^ She really loves doing these things: she ran around all the time to give us a good time!

  5. What a wonderful birthday! And I'm in love with your coordination! *o*

  6. Nice, it looks like it was a fun party! I too love the cake and cookies, wow!

  7. Oh, your outfit was adorable and the sushi seems delicious, I am hungry now *_*

    1. Thank you so much! =D
      It was really good. :3

  8. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Those bat cookies are so creepy-cute!

    I'm glad that you stood up to the street harassment. I really don't understand why people are so rude, especially to lolitas.

    1. We did have lots of fun! =D

      I didn't really stand up, I am too much of a coward. -_- Oh well.