Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things: Roses

I admit I am a bit slow with writing new posts (again). It’s the end of the school year and after an ‘in-between-year’ of ‘doing nothing’ I am suddenly right in the middle of studying for tests again! I’ll admit that I really had to get reused to studying, especially when I have to summarize over 170 pages of music history! But since I got accepted into the first year, I am not complaining. ^^

Anyway, back to business. As an in-between post I decided to do another Favourite Things again! This episode: roses.
Roses have always been very important to me. Not only because they’re gorgeous flowers and smell absolutely wonderfully, but I also like to call them my Name Flowers. My name, Rosalynn, means ‘as beautiful as a rose’ or simply ‘beautiful rose’ (or ‘tender horse’ in a different way of translating, but I am conveniently ignoring that). Now I am not saying I consider myself equally beautiful as a flower as perfect as a rose, but I do really love the meaning of my name. As a child, I used to make jokes about all the roses being my family, since my name was Rose too, but even back then I was very proud of my name.
When it comes to Lolita, I really like flower prints and of course especially the ones that contain roses. We might not have roses in our garden, but I am very happy to say that I at least have them in my closet! I own two of my favourite rose-printed Lolita dresses: Powder Rose and Lady Rose. I hope one day I can welcome Rose Toilette in my frilly wardrobe too!

Do you have a favourite flower that means something to you?
✿ I’d love to know! ✿


  1. Oh, roses are indeed very beautiful, and it must be lovely to have a name that fits them so well! ;D

    My favourite flower is a fuchsia. It holds a lot of memories from my childhood, since it is the first flower I ever got, and the first I planted in the garden by myself when I was around the age of 5 or so. I got the flower as a goodbye gift. I also like how the flower reminds me of ballet dancers, or just girls dressed up pretty for a ball ://D

    Lolomus ~

    1. Oh yes, the fuchsia is beautiful too! =D It's so wonderful to have pretty memories attached to a flower. ^^ And yes, the flowers do look like dresses!

  2. My favourite flower is hydrangea >v< I don´t really know why, I just love its shape colour and... I think it looks lovely x3
    I LOOOVE roses also though, they are amongst my favourite flowers :3 My mom always used to say I should grow up to have a huge rose-garden, just like the empress Josephine of Napoleon had ^^

    1. Ooooh yes! My mom looooved hydrangea! We have a lot of them in our garden!
      Haha, that would be perfect!

  3. Not a flower but a name meaning! I love the meaning of my name, it apparently means something like "crowned one." So I really like to have a few accessories and things in my wardrobe with little crowns on them, it's sort of like wearing my name! :) I should get more. It's also how I ended up with the "Royally" half of my screen name (the blah half is from an old screen name which i kept for continuity).
    My brother has a very strange name meaning though, we looked it up and apparently his name means "crooked nose" xD

    1. Whoa, that is one pretty meaning! =O So wonderful!
      Your poor brother though. XD
      My brother's name is something like 'breath' I think. It's a biblical name, although in the Bible he got killed by his brother. -_-