Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lolitas Switching Styles

On December 30th, the last Sunday of 2012, my Lolita friends Cat and Dieuwke came to my house to do something we had planned since the Fly Away Fashion Tea Party: a style switching afternoon!
When my parents drove us home from the Tea Party the three of us were talking about all kinds of things and we somehow started talking about how we would look in other Lolita styles than what we’re used to. This led to the idea of putting on each other’s clothes and take pictures!
So on the 30th, both girls arrived at my house with big bags filled with petticoats, accessories and some dresses. My room immediately looked like someone’s closet had exploded in it!

The plan was to turn Dieuwke, who always dresses beautifully in Classic Lolita, into a lovely Sweet Lolita, me, the sparkly Sweet Lolita into a Classic one and Cat, who is kind of an Everything-looks-awesome-on-her Lolita, just chose the dresses she loved.
After examining all of each other’s dresses, Cat decided to try on Dieuwke’s beautiful ivory Heidi dress from Innocent World. She decided to combine it with her own matching tights and black shoes, Dieuwke’s fake fur collar (although she took it off quite soon after) and my flower head band. I tried to take as many pretty pictures as possible.

Cat as a Classic Flower Girl

Then it was Dieuwke’s turn. Since we wanted to totally switch things up with her and she never wears pink, she had to wear pink. My Star(ry) Night Theater jumperskirt seemed perfect for it! To go all the way, Cat lent her typical Lolita wig with high curly pig tails to her and my sweet accessories and pony bag finished the coord perfectly!

Dieuwke as a Circus Princess

Then it was my turn. I was looking forward to becoming a Classic girl a lot! Dieuwke lent me her beautiful flower dress from Mille Fleurs. Do you know the style switch videos from Princess Peachie and Princess Porcelain? This was that exact dress! I had always wanted to try on a wig, so Cat let me wear her curly black one and I wore my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright blouse with the classic collar attached to it to give everything a more classic feel. I finished it all with ankle socks, black shoes and the matching head bow (I also wore my flower head band briefly). I felt so different yet so wonderful!

Me as a Classic Maiden

Initially I had put my own petticoat under the dress, but according to our expert it really gave way too much poof for Classic! I had to de-poof! I have never had that before! But it did really do the dress more justice I think.
Posing was quite a challenge. I am used to posing Sweet Lolita style, now I wanted to look more classy and elegant. I hope I pulled that off a little. ^^
I loved wearing Classic. I think my mom secretly prefers that style over Sweet (even though she didn’t recognize me from the pictures at first).
In the meantime Cat had redressed into my pink Fantasic Dolly jumperskirt from Angelic Pretty with matching head bow and socks.

Cat as a Fantasic Dolly

Dieuwke wanted to try the same wig I had worn and combined it with Cat’s Candy House from Metmorphose.

Dieuwke as a Sweet Candy Girl

Unfortunately the girls had to go, so there was no time for me to get dressed up a second time. Somehow both girls managed to take everything with them again (except for one cardigan that Dieuwke forgot, which was on my keyboard XD).
It was a superfun afternoon! I had always wanted to try classic and now I finally had the chance! Who knows? Maybe one day I will evolve too..?


  1. Is that Cat's real hair in the first picture? I think I have hair envy!

  2. Ooh, it looked so fun >w< ~ ! And you're really beautiful in the Classic Coord, it suits you very well >w< ♪

    1. It was a lot of fun! =D
      Thank you very much! <3

  3. It's so fun to see this! And you look just amazing in that outfit Fun to see Dieuwke in such a sweet outfit, the perfect dress for a complete different look ♥ And Cat looks gorgeos in Dieuwke's dress! And classic looks fantasttic on you!

    1. Haha thank you dear! I love how different Dieuwke looked. She is charming in every style. ^^ Same for Cat!
      Iiih, thank you! <3

  4. You're all just so pretty! I loved your outfit Rosalynn, this hairstyles changes you a lot ^^

    1. Thank you so much Sam! Haha, it does right? ^^

  5. That sounds like soooo much fun! I love your outfit but i think you look even cuter in sweet lolita. Moms always like classic better, always XD

    1. It really was! We laughed a lot, hihi! ^^
      Thank you so much! Haha, I am glad you think so! Everyone is so enthusiastic about my Classic outfit, it's like I should transfer to a different style!
      Ah, good to know. XD

  6. Wow, you look so different in classic lolita, yet so wonderful!
    I want to do this with all my loli-friends' wardrobes now, but most of us are already sweet anyway :P
    PS. I posted my d_l link for you back in your 'happy new year' blog entry ;)

    1. Thank you dear! ^^
      Haha well a style switch my be hard when everyone has a sweet wardrobe, but wearing other people's dresses can be fun anyway! =D
      Haaaaaaaaaa, I have seen your post but I didn't know it was you! You look wonderful dear! <3

    2. Well now you know it's me! :P Hehe. Thanks <3
      And yeah wearing other people's dresses would be fun anyway :P most of us seem to have our own different tastes within sweet lolita, so there's not a lot of us that have the same prints or anything.
      Though we all pretty much agree on anything chocolate haha. Too good :P

    3. ^^ <3
      I think it sounds like a nice thing to do with friends (if they're okay with other people wearing their dresses).

  7. You look amazing in that oufit! The wig really suits you and the dress is beautiful, makes me want to try classic as well ;)