Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tokyo '12, Day 3 – Lolita in Harajuku and Shibuya by Night

(Warning: very long post!)
The next morning we woke up and despite the fact I had slept quite well, my parents had had quite a rough night. Apparently the upper mattress of my father’s bed was missing, so he could feel all the hard slats of the bed frame through the other mattress. My mom had difficulty adapting to the new time zone, so she hadn’t slept very well either.
While we were getting dressed, my dad went downstairs to the front desk to complain. When he returned, he told us the person at the front desk had decided to give us a new room. Maybe it was a communication problem, but we didn’t really mind to move. The only downside was that we had to pack our suitcases and bring them downstairs to the luggage room until our room was ready around 2 pm.
We decided to have breakfast first in our hotel at the café. When we arrived there we waited at the counter, until a man walked up to us to help us. After a little communication trouble he wrote down whether we wanted coffee or tea. I think his pronunciation was fine when he said it, but maybe he was insecure. ^^
Initially we thought it would be a breakfast buffet, but it turned out to be a set breakfast. We sat down and we received our coffee and tea, a basket with bread rolls and jam, orange juice, yoghurt with honey and a cup filled with a custard-like substance. After that we also received a plate with salad, scrambled eggs, bacon sausages and, oh yes, fries. A very interesting breakfast. ^^’

Our first breakfast in Tokyo.

Despite the fact we are open to new things, we were all a bit afraid to try the custard-like stuff. It smelled a bit weird and finally I decided to try it. Well, I can tell you: it was disgusting! Ugh, it was so gross… I still don’t know what it was, maybe corn soup or something, but frankly I don’t care. Yuck!
To be honest: the breakfast wasn’t so great. The fries tasted a bit old (I still kind of liked them though XD) and the room was a bit boring and grey. The only thing that distracted from the cold environment was the tv that showed some beautiful natural sides of Japan.
We returned to our hotel room, where we packed our things and where I got re-dressed. We had decided to go to Harajuku on this day and I would dress in Lolita! Wearing Lolita in Harajuku was one of my dreams and it was about to come true! Before we went to Japan I had decided to wear my Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt in a mint and pink combination. The outfit looked a lot like my previous Jewelry Jelly coord, but with different accessories. When I was fully dressed we dragged our suitcases downstairs (very interesting thing to do in a big dress with petticoat underneath). Downstairs my mom and I took the suitcases to the special luggage room, so they would be safe until we could stall them in our new room. We finally left the hotel and went on our way to Harajuku, after we took some outfit pictures. We tried to do that every day, but unfortunately sometimes we forgot or we look super tired, so I won’t always put them in my reports. ;)

Mom and me
Mom and me ready for Harajuku!

While we were walking to Shinjuku station, my parents took pictures. My father had taken my camera, so I was camera-less for almost a whole day! It was actually quite nice. ^^
While walking, I noticed nobody seemed surprised by my appearance. This was exactly what I had expected: Lolitas are so much more common in Japan, I thought no one would care about my appearance. Well, was I wrong. XD

Lolita in Shinjuku
I felt so happy walking in Lolita in the streets of Tokyo! ^^

The sun shone and the temperature was quite nice! My umbrella, who was mainly there to compliment my outfit, came quite in handy. ^^
We passed the hysterical shops, including the incredibly white and neon Labi, whoa.

Dad and me
On our way to the station!

We arrived at the square with the big orange clock. My dad wanted to take a picture of my mom and me from the other side, so he crossed the street. My mom and I were waiting, when suddenly a man walked up to me and asked in a bit broken English if he could take a picture of me. I told him it was fine, so he did. ^^ Then he asked me: ‘Do you have a telephone?’ For a moment my mom and I thought he was trying to hit on me! When I said I didn’t have one, he pulled out his own and asked if I could pose with it. It turned out he was a photographer making a photo series about ‘social media’. I felt relieved, haha! XD After he took more pictures, he asked me if I could write down on a piece of paper if I could write down in one word what social media meant for me plus my name and the date.

Shinjuku Time
Picture by my dad from the other side of the street. You can definitely tell at what time this was. XD

In the meantime, three schoolgirls walked up to us, calling me ‘Kawaii!’ (I was so happy ♥) and they asked me for a picture! I felt honoured and posed with them. They were so sweet! ^^
I wrote down ‘friendship’ on the piece of paper and posed for the last time. I received the photographer’s business card and we thanked each other. Then my father walked up to us, the picture he wanted to take never happened (oops!).
We crossed the street and walked past some people handing out packed tissues. They give these to people to promote a company or a store. In the first days my mom took every single one of them (because she liked it and because she had a cold).
We entered Shinjuku station and followed the signs that said ‘JR Yamanote line’. We walked up to the automatic gates and we could use our Suicas for the first time! They worked perfectly and I squeezed my big skirt through the gate. We walked down the stairs and arrived at the right platform. The metro just drove away, but it didn’t take long before the next one arrived.

Yamanote Line
Waiting for the next metro to come.

We stepped into the coupé and the doors closed. As there were no seats left, we remained standing and my parents took pictures. It was so nice to take the JR line again! The Japanese are so orderly and polite. No one pushes, shouts ‘Pardon!’ in your ear or jumps into the train at the last moment. Everyone is quiet, no one talks on the phone. So nice!
We passed Yoyogi and arrived at Harajuku! When we got out of the metro, I heard one of the lovely little metro musics playing. I missed those! ^^

A Lolita at Harajuku Station
Me at Harajuku station (you can tell who modeled for pictures most on this day)! You can see the famous bridge behind me.

We walked up the stairs and I showed my mom the Innocent World poster, our first encounter with Lolita. While walking to the exit, I immediately noticed that everyone was dressed even more stylish than in Shinjuku! We walked through the gates using our Suicas again and found ourselves in front of the beautiful Harajuku station. My dad crossed the street to take a picture of my mom and me in front of it. ^^

Harajuku Station
Harajuku station is one of the few old buildings in Tokyo. I think it looks so wonderful!

We crossed the street too and continued our way, heading towards Takeshita dori. I had seen on the internet that they had replaced the wellknown gate with flowers and balloons for a new one with a digital sign, flowers and balloons. Now I could finally see it in real life! That gate means a lot to me, because it’s the entrance to Takeshita dori,(or the exit, whichever way you’re going), the heart of Harajuku! It was also very recognizable for my mom, as every time she forgot what Harajuku was again, the only thing I had to say was ‘balloons’ and she remembered again.
Before we got the chance to walk up to the gate, I suddenly got ambushed by a group of about fifteen adorable schoolgirls dressed in dark blue uniforms. The ‘kawaii!’s rained all over me and they asked if they could take pictures with me! I was really flattered (again) and of course I said yes! ^^

Me and the adorable schoolgirls! I hope they don’t mind me posting them here.

After that, I spent about 15 minutes posing with the sweet girls, first in a group (and every girl wanted a picture on her own cellphone) and then with every girl solo. At first we did peace signs, then I suggested a heart-sign, which they loved! ♥ My parents had a lot of fun watching us and taking pictures.

Dark blue and bright pink
One of my favourite pictures! The contrast between my pastel-coloured outfit and their dark uniforms gives such an amazing contrast!

After the sweet girls were all done, more people asked me for pictures. Even three tall guys, haha! XD I never expected this, never! I really thought people wouldn’t care about me wearing Lolita, but apparently thy do after all! Maybe it’s because I’m a Western girl wearing the style?
Finally we were able to walk up to the gate and take pictures ourselves. Then we could enter Takshita dori!

Takeshita dori
Welcome to Takeshita dori~! ♪

I thought there were quite some people for a Wednesday morning, but it created a nice atmosphere. ^^ My dad went to get something to drink and I looked down the stairs leading to the Purikura room. My dad suggested to do Purikura later (but we forgot :( ).

Le Ponte
My dad getting drinks in a very colourful alley!

We walked up to the Paris’ Kids, ‘the Japanese Claire’s’ as I like to call it. They had a looot of cute stuff and my mom was enthusiastic too! As this was just our first real day, we decided not to buy anything yet though. ^^
We walked around for a bit, overwhelmed by the colours and sounds of the shops. It was sunny, so Harajuku looked even more beautiful! My mom and I entered a shop where they sold adorable cookie- and chocolate bags!

Chocolate- and Cookiebags
Don’t you just love all the different bags? ^^

We walked on and I discovered a wonderful, old-looking gate between two buildings with the text ‘Jardin de Luseine’. It was strange to find something so… classic between the shops.
My mom was overwhelmed by everything: the colours, the sounds, the shop staff trying to get people into their shops by shouting things in the street. She took a lot of pictures. ^^

Takeshita dori shop
One of the many over the top colourful shops in Harajuku! ♥

We passed the two crêpe stalls next to Bodyline, but as we weren’t very hungry we didn’t buy any. Then two girls walked up to me and asked for a picture. Yay! ^^ I often got asked in Japanese, but as they were holding up either their phone or camera, I understood what was said.
I can’t tell you how amazing the shops in Harajuku are. Even though I have been there before, it seemed like every shop was new to me! (The only thing that I noticed was the fact the shop ManiaQ was gone, but I already knew that.

Mom being red
My mom in front of one of the coloured shops. What they sold? No idea! But it looked great!

As Bodyline was open, we decided to go there! We walked up the stairs and first my dad took some pictures of the shopping crowd, while I filmed a little.

Harajuku view
My dad being all touristy. ^^

Bodyline had been quite a disappointment last year, because of the loud music and the fact you couldn’t try things on. Those two things hadn’t changed, but oh well. ^^ The shop layout was a bit different from last time: the red curtains on the walls were still there, but the clothing racks were placed differently.

Bodyline from the inside. ^^ You can see my dad in the mirrow.

I went looking for the shoe section: my friend Emilie had worn such wonderful Bodyline shoes in Paris, that I had fallen in love with them! I wanted to buy them myself now, but I couldn’t find the shoes. Suddenly I realized the shop was way bigger than I remembered! Instead of the square-shaped shop I was in, there was actually a hall that led to the other part of the store: another square-shaped room. I really can’t remember whether I had seen that part or not last year, but I think I didn’t. ^^’
I found the shoe section and the wonderful shoes I was looking for! After some comparing I decided to try on a white pair, as white is a very versatile colour. I asked a shop assistant if I could get size 25 by first pointing at the shoes and then at a little piece of paper with sizes. She nodded (and said something in Japanese I didn’t understand. People often did that even though it was clear I didn’t speak the language XD), shouted something at a colleague (probably ‘I’m going to get something from behind’), pushed a clothing rack away and disappeared behind a curtain! I swear I thought there were walls there! O_O
She returned with the shoes and I tried them on. I also asked for a size smaller and they turned out to be a better fit. While walking around on them I felt like a ballerina. ^^

Shoe fitting
Not a very flattering angle for a picture, but I still like it. It shows a big part of the Bodyline shoe collection too! And I love how my dad is holding my umbrella. ^^

I decided to buy the wonderful shoes and walked back to the counter. My first purchase: white Bodyline shoes! ♥
In Tokyo the shopping staff is really great. They show you what you’re about to buy, how much it costs and also which size the item is. This is such great service (and you can never claim you didn’t know you got the wrong size or paid too much or something)! The shopgirl asked if I wanted to keep the shoe box, but I told her I didn’t need it. Then I left the shop, with my new shoes. ^^
When I got down the stairs, a girl studying to become a beautician (I believe) asked if she could take a picture of me. Of course it was okay, so she took a picture of my face. I swear I felt like a celebrity!
We briefly visited Liz Lisa and walked on.

Harajuku shopping
My mom and me, happy shopping. ^^

As it was past 12 pm now, Closet Child was opened too! While my dad stayed on the street, my mom and I went upstairs.

Closet Child
Ready to enter Closet Child! I was so excited!

I had told myself in advance that I really needed to look around well this time. Last year I was so overwhelmed by all the Lolita that I forgot to check the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dresses for example. Well, this time it wasn’t going to happen!
We entered the pink shop and I looked around, just to absorb the Lolita atmosphere. Then I started to browse the Angelic Pretty dresses. They had a lot of wonderful dresses and I pulled out any dress I liked and would (probably) fit. I pulled out Lyrical Bunny in lavender and pink, Little Bird’s Symphonia in pink and white I believe, Tiara Rose in lavender, Happy Garden in lavender and Fantasic Dolly in pink! I showed them to my mom and we examined them both.

Collecting dresses
Collecting dresses in Closet Child! Please excuse my face. ^^’

I quickly decided to put Lyrical Bunny back, as that print doesn’t have my particular interest. I also put Little Bird’s Symphonia back, as I only like it in blue and I only wanted to buy dresses I really wanted. I took a quick look at the AP skirts, but as I highly prefer dresses over skirts that didn’t take long. I looked at a rack with some Metamorphose dresses and quickly discovered Blooming Garden in yellow, the only Metamorphose print and colour I truly love. When I showed the dress to my mom she immediately got enthusiastic. She loved the dress! I also picked out two Baby dresses, one with cherries and one I really can’t remember.
I asked if I could try the dresses on, but as you are only allowed to have a few pieces at the same time in the dressing room, I gave some dresses to one of the shop girls. I took off my shoes and entered the little curtain corner. The fact that I was already wearing a blouse and a petticoat came in handy: I could immediately see how the dresses would look on me in a (half) full outfit. I am not sure in which order I tried the dresses on, but I think I started with Tiara Rose. My mom called out to my dad, so they could judge together (♥ Isn’t that sweet? T_T). I walked out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror. I liked how the lavender dress looked one me and my parents liked it too, so I went on to the next one: Happy Garden. Despite the fact that it fit nicely, I didn’t like the way it looked on me at all. The parental front agreed. XD
Then I tried on Blooming Garden and I when I opened the curtain I was greeted by sounds of approval. My parents clearly liked this dress a lot and I did too. ^^
While I was trying dresses, a girl beautifully dressed in Classic Lolita walked around. My mom really loved her outfit, so she told her so. ^^ Luckily the girl spoke English, so she understood.
Then a little confusion happened (yay for Japanese that don’t speak any English). I wanted to trade the dresses I had tried on for the other dresses, but the shop girls thought my Jewelry Jelly dress was a Closet Child dress! I told them (in Japanese *^^*) that it was my dress and in the end we understood each other and we traded dresses. I tried the two Baby dresses and they fit me (trying on dresses was a lot more fun this time!), but I didn’t like them enough to buy them. I had almost forgotten about Fantasic Dolly, but when I tried it on it was already decided for me: I wanted this dress! I love Fantasic Dolly and even though the red version is my favourite, I loved the pink version so much! When I said I wanted to buy it, my mom was a bit disappointed: she didn’t like Fantasic Dolly as much as Blooming Garden. In fact, she thought Fantasic Dolly was a bit boring (a few days later she changed her mind though ;) ). I don’t know exactly when, but while I was trying on dresses I also noticed a lovely mint Angelic Pretty bolero with bows that was only 2000 yen (20 euros/25 dollars)! I tried it on briefly and since I loved it (and the price), I decided to buy it too. Before I went to the counter I quickly browsed the drawers with wristcuffs and picked out two beautiful pairs: one pink x lavender and one white. Although I doubted a bit about the white pair, I am glad I bought them! I also picked out two pairs of socks: one pink Jewelry Jelly and a Dreamy Dollhouse pair. I went to the counter to pay, where the Classic Lolita had just bought something. We started talking and she told me her name. We also exchanged blogs. ^^ When we walked down the stairs I asked if she wanted to be in a picture together and she agreed. ^^ She was so sweet!

Classic and Sweet
I am not sure if the sweet girl would like it if I show her face, I decided to heart censor. ^^ Don’t you just love her outfit? She was so pretty! ♥

We said goodbye and my mom, dad and me drank a little and did some people watching. We saw a woman wearing a HEMA dress, a very typical Dutch store.
The sun had disappeared behind clouds in the meantime, but the temperature was still very nice.
We followed Takeshita dori, passing a dog clothing shop. When we arrived at the end of Takeshita dori, we decided not to go right in the direction of Laforet, but straight on to the Harajuku Street sign.

Harajuku Street
The famous Harajuku street sign~!

We followed the street and discovered another dog clothing shop. There we met a woman with a dog with a pastel rainbow tail! Very… trendy. XD It did look cute though.
We roamed the quiet streets for a bit. Last year my dad and I hadn’t been here, so this was all new to us. I saw the Putumayo shop and we passed several other interesting clothing stores and a little eating place with a huge ‘Heineken’ flag. My dad took a picture of it: you have to stay proud of your heritage. ^^
After some more walking we found ourselves on Omotesando, Tokyo’s Champs-Elysées. We walked up the high bridge to get to the other side of the street. We walked up to Oriental Bazaar, the Japanese building-shaped tourist shop. There we walked into a group of (probably) American tourists. They walked up to me and said they loved my outfit. ^^ They also asked for a picture, so I posed some more~! They were very nice!

Me with the tourists. ^^ I love the background of this picture!

My mom also took pictures of my dad and me in front of Oriental Bazaar.

Oriental Bazaar
I really like this picture. ^^ My sweet dad carrying my bags for me, awww. :3

After that we went inside. We browsed the goods a little. My mom especially liked the pretty boxes on the second floor, but she didn’t buy anything.
We followed Omotesando in the direction of Laforet, passing a Swarovski store (of course we went inside for a moment). When we arrived at the crossing, we immediately noticed a gorgeous building to the right: Tokyu Plaza.

Tokyu Plaza
Tokyu Plaza, one of my favourite buildings ever! Whoever designed this building is a genius!

While the traffic lights were red, I looked at a map of Harajuku. Then we could cross the street. We admired the countless mirrors of Tokyu Plaza, the building that had been under construction last year. Now we could finally see it. The shops inside it were nothing special, but we adored the outside.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Looking at the street from inside Tokyu Plaza is like looking into countless different dimensions!

We spent quite some time taking pictures of ourselves in the mirrors too!

Mirror shot
This is one of my favourite pictures of our trip!

We decided to walk on to 6%Dokidoki. While walking we passed a long line of people, waiting to enter the restaurant called ‘Eggs ‘n Things’. This isn’t very special you might think: Japanese people like to stand in line (I swear XD). But let me tell you this: about two weeks before we went to Japan we watched a tv show called ‘Erica op reis’ (‘Erica travelling’). It was the re-run of her Tokyo episode, in which they showed that same restaurant with a huge line. That show was probably two months old and they were still standing in a long line for that restaurant! I wondered what was so special about it..?
We quickly found 6%Dokidoki!

When you know where it is, 6%Dokidoki is hard to overlook!

We walked up the stairs to the bright pink shop. Unfortunately neither Yuka or Vani was there, but the shop girl was incredibly friendly, showing me all kinds of adorable goods. She thanked me wholeheartedly when I showed her my 6%Dokidoki candy necklace.
I basically loved every single thing being sold, but I decided to buy a pair of ‘6%’ and ‘Dokidoki’ rings. I had always wanted a pair and now I had the chance. ^^
No pictures were allowed inside unfortunately, so my dad took a picture of me outside with my purchase.

Me with my giant purchase! ^^

We continued our way to Laforet. We saw a woman wearing a yukata on the way, very lovely. We crossed the street and before we entered the building, I noticed they had removed the flower-like shop windows in front of it. That made me sad. :(
We entered Laforet and walked down the stairs to floor B1.5, the Lolita floor, passing some colourful paintings. I had seen on the internet that that particular floor had just been renovated and that the Angelic Pretty shop was completely new. It looked very nice on the pictures, so I was eager to see it in real life. After a very short visit to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright we walked up to Angelic Pretty.
The shop was even more beautiful than before: there was a beautiful glass shop window with two mannequins in it wearing Wonder Party, there was a big dressing room with curtains in the corner and the checkout had been moved to the right. The shop looked very pretty (I told one of the shop girls, she was happy ^^).

Angelic Pretty Laforet
Looking at all the prettiness! *_*

I browsed the goods for a bit: there were Wonder Party dresses, Glass Bottle of Tears, Sweet Cream House, Royal Cards, Shooting Star, Dreamy Horoscope and Toy Parade. I did like the Wonder Party dresses (the brown version is very nice), but my favourite version is the pink x sax version and since that one didn’t make the re-release I didn’t buy a Wonder Party dress.

Wonder Party
What do you think? Maybe a future purchase? ^^

When I had looked at everything, I wanted to leave the shop when suddenly something drew my attention. There were big AP buttons arranged on a small table and one had a chocolate print with ‘Angelic Pretty’ on it. When I saw it, I immediately thought ‘Emilie!’ My dear friend loves chocolate prints and since I wanted to buy her a present I thought this was perfect! I loved it so much! I decided to come back later, keeping it in my head.
Since the whole floor had been renovated, some stores were moved, others got removed. The Nile Perch shop looked amazing! All the pastels really drew attention! It’s a shame it’s such an expensive brand. Unfortunately B Be Bee was gone, but Swimmer got a lot bigger! They really have the cutest and most divergent things, from pink candy cane-like umbrellas to clothing hangers! I bought a bracelet and a heart-shaped hairclip there. ^^ My parents liked the shop too!
Swimmer inspired me to do a giveaway for the first time, so keep an eye out for that! ♥
Before we left I decided to buy the button for Emilie after all. I liked it so much, why wait to buy it? ^^
When we got back at the entrance of Laforet, it had just started to rain! Luckily we all had umbrellas with us, but I was a bit scared for my dress. Luckily the rain wasn’t very heavy, so my umbrella was enough.
We returned to Harajuku station, back to Shinjuku. After getting some bread rolls we walked back to our hotel, where my dad went to ask for our new room. Unfortunately it wasn’t ready yet, so we had to wait for a while. We looked at the pictures on our cameras and after about 20 minutes my dad went to get the key, while my mom and I went to get our suitcases.
We took the elevator up the 9th floor, where our new room was located. It was exactly the same one as on the 7th floor, even in the same spot of the hotel, but then two floors higher. XD We took the same beds as in our previous room (after checking he mattresses) and everything seemed fine, except for the fact we each had one pillow. This may sound a bit spoiled, but in our previous room we all had two pillows: one soft one and one filled with hard seeds or something. In our new room we only had the hard pillows, which I didn’t like. I hoped it wouldn’t be a problem.
Since we liked our white, free size bathrobes so much, we took a picture with them. XD Yes, we are crazy like that. These picture ideas aren’t always mine.

Bathrobe fun
My dad, me and my mom in our doctor-like bathrobes!

We ate our rolls (which were delicious *_*) and I uploaded our pictures to my laptop. We looked at them for a while and rested a bit too. I also took a picture of my purchases of the day. You can see the picture at the end of the post. I tried to take pictures every day I bought something, but sometimes I forgot. So some pictures are made at home. ^^
After we rested for a while, we decided to go eat something and then go to Shibuya to see Hachi. It was still raining, but it wasn’t very bothersome.

Shinjuku by night
My dad took this wonderful picture near our hotel.

We decided to eat Omuraisu at MyLord, my dad’s favourite food from last year (I finally know what it’s called now)! Omuraisu is egg filled with rice. It’s quite nice. ^^
I can tell you: Tokyo looks so wonderful in the rain. Sure, I prefer sun, but rain + night = *_*. We decided to take a different entrance to MyLord because of the rain, via the entrance to the station my dad and I took a lot last year.

My mom and me with our Japanese and Austrian umbrellas. ^^

We passed the bakery we had been to last year (they didn’t have any cups with fruit and whipped cream anymore :( ), the shop where I had bought my sweet pink watch (the shop had changed and I couldn’t find the watches anymore) and we also passed a Paul! Remember the bakeries in Paris called Paul? They had one here too! O_O Of course we took a picture of it. XD
We entered MyLord and took the elevator up to the floor with the restaurant, where we had to wait for a while until a table would come free. People watching is never boring in Tokyo, so we enjoyed ourselves. We could also decide in advance which dish we wanted from the shop window. Original me chose the same plate as last times. I just liked that one very much. ^^’

My dad with his favourite food! My mom looks a little tired. ^^’

The food was very nice and my dad was happy. ^^ We paid and left the restaurant, walked into the station and took the metro to Shibuya.
When we arrived there it was still raining, but to be honest: the big crossing looked so cool, reflecting the big neon lights and television screens! Like I said: Tokyo by night and rain is very beautiful!
We went to visit Hachi. My mom already knew about him because of my stories of course, but she had also seen the movie only a few days before we left. She liked him very much. ^^ Unfortunately our pictures didn’t come out very nicely, so no pictures here, sorry. -_-
We had a lot of fun crossing the famous crossing (huhu) and we took some pictures.

Neon Shibuya
Mom and dad in Shibuya by night. ♥

Despite the fact the rain made Shibuya look very beautiful, it was still wet so there was not much else to do then to go inside some place. I suggested to go into Shibuya 109, the famous tower shopping center. When my mom heard it is a shopping center with a lot of noise and interesting shops, she immediately wanted to see it. She was very eager to shop during our trip. ^^
Before we entered Shibuya 109, we discovered something very handy: some kind of table was placed in front of the entrance, carrying lots of long, plastic bags. They were meant for umbrellas to be put into them, so the shops wouldn’t get wet! So clever! I’ve seen these tables in many places.
I played a little with the floor guide (it was a big, pink touch screen, what did you expect?) and then we went inside. We started on the upper floor and worked our way down the tower. We arrived on the 8th floor, where MärpleQ is located.

My dad took some secret pictures again. ^^ I am really happy with this one!

I had seen people wearing the coloured salopettes from this shop and I really wanted one too, preferably in pink. When we entered the colourful shop (it almost hurt our eyes, haha) I quickly found one and I asked if I could try it on. When I exited the dressing room (on socks) my mom wasn’t very enthusiastic about it and neither was I. Somehow the pink salopette didn’t look nice on me. I also saw the red version hanging and since I liked that one too, I decided to try it on. I exited the dressing room, looked in the mirror and got very happy: I loved the salopette so much! Apparently red is more my colour after all! ^^

Red salopette
When I was in the dressing room, my dad asked me to jump out quickly for a picture! ♥

I thanked the adorable showgirl (everyone is just so sweet!) and we browsed some more shops, including Tralala (nothing interesting this time unfortunately) and the OTT deco’d shop Ruby Rose. After a while, we needed to leave. Every shop had loud music and since the shops are all next to each other all the music mixes and they don’t match. ^^ Even I turned a bit crazy there!
Since my mom and I did a lot of shopping that day, we decided to go to Tower Records for my dad. He deserved it! XD
After a bit of walking we found the store.

Tower Records Shibuya
Like many stores in Tokyo, Tower Records is hard to miss.

We just followed my dad into the elevator. There was little screen showing what the security camera was filming, so my mom and I started to act crazy, haha! XD

Elevator fun
Yes, we are crazy people, yaaay~! XD

After my dad had browsed enough, we headed back to the station. You could tell the shops were closing: long lines of people headed home.
We arrived in Shinjuku and went back to our hotel, where we skyped with my brother at home and drank some coffee and hot chocolate. Then we went to sleep. It had been an amazing day!

Chocolates for anyone who actually read everything up to here! ^^’ Seriously, you are amazing! ♥

Purchases day 3
Purchases of the day


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    Can't wait to see more ^^

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip, I miss Japan a bit more each time I read posts about this country!

    Your outfit was really lovely, that's funny to see all these people who want to take pictures of you xD I remembered a shopgirl from h.Naoto shop who asked for a picture of her posing with me, screaming "sugoiiii sugoiiii" it was embarrassing but nice at the same time!

    1. Haha, I mainly write these posts for myself, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^^
      Thank you so much! ♥ Haha, at first you feel weird but flattered, but when everyone jumps on you you almost get used to it! XD

  5. I love your travel diaries, as always! You always seem to have so much fun when you are out and about. ^_^ I will admit to being a bit jealous of your Jewelry Jelly socks! I will as always be back for your next post. Hugs.

    Emili (umekyuuri)

    1. Thank yooouuu! :3
      Haha, we had a lot of fun. ^^ But trust me, we were also very tired every day. XD
      Awww really? Are you looking for them?
      Thank you so much for reading~!!! ♥

    2. I can imagine that you were tired, but being tired because you had fun is a good thing! ^_^ Oh, yes - in black, which is impossible to find it seems! Well, I have found them once, but the seller was a bit too optimistic with the price for my taste: €200! o_O I do love your blog, so I'm always reading your posts - even though I am a bad reader sometimes who doesn't comment! Sorry.



    3. Haha that is true! ^^
      Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like it! Please don't feel forced to comment dear. ^^ ♥ I am already happy if people read my posts.

    4. I've seen them in black for sale! Very decent price! O_O Should I send you the link?

    5. Ah I don't think you will see this anymore... :(

  6. ahhhh I really love your travel posts, they are so fun to read ;u;

  7. Thanks for posting your travel diaries! I always look forward to reading them. Your parents are adorable! Your dad holding your shopping for you reminded me of a trip I took to visit my brother in San Francisco. One of my favorite memories there is of my dad carrying my Aatp shopping bag for me. :)
    We have Egg N' Things here in Hawaii, too. I have not been yet but there's long lines here as well! :D

    1. Haha, you're welcome!? I write them mostly for myself, I'm so happy others like them too!
      My parents really are sweethearts in so many ways. ♥
      Awww, that's so sweet. ^^
      You're kidding me! O___O I guess it's a great restaurant then!

  8. i read all <3
    you are soo kawaii!
    id love to have pic with you too : )) hehe
    i wish ill some day visit Japan


    1. Whoa, thank you so much! *chocolate for you*
      Thank you! *^^* ♥
      Haha awww! I want a picture with you toooo~!
      Maybe one day! =D

  9. Yay, chocolate for me. XD I enjoyed reading this! Thank you very much. :D I got a lot of useful information out of this for my own trip! I'm so going to visit all those same places. One question: At what time does the shops usually close? :D You seem to have managed to do a lot of shopping at one day!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! *chocolateeee*
      Ah really? I am so glad! Shops mostly open around 11 am or 12 and close around 9-10 pm. ^^ It depends on the shop or shopping center, but they mostly close around this time. If you have any other questions (or you're looking for a shopping guide, I actually wrote one), don't hesitate to ask! ♥
      Haha yes I did, I kept a budget for myself every day and since I hadn't bought anything on the day before I could go double! XD

  10. Yay, your pictures are wonderful, seems like Japan is a dreamy place for shopping hehe~ I wish I could go there... if I'm rich, very rich *_*

    1. Thank you so much Samantha! =D It truly is!
      Maybe one day? =D

  11. Hurray chocolate! It did take me a couple of nights though :P I'm very busy lately.
    Oooh I have the same Bodyline shoes in red! They're so good and are very durable too~ I wear them a lot with non-lolita outfits.
    Do you know what the AP cardigan you bought is called? I love it, want to look it up further on hellolace/lolibrary.
    I look forward to shopping in Japan! I plan to go with my friends in a year's time. They are all boys though! They will just have to suffer through my shopping xD
    Love your detailed reports, really sets the atmosphere and gives me lots of ideas on where to go when I eventually go there!
    I look forward to the rest of your reports~

    1. Chocolaaaaaate~! Haha, I can't blame you! Thank you for reading! ♥
      Ugh these shoes are so pretty! If you told me five years ago I could fall in love with shoes I would have laughed at you, but now... Hohoho! XD
      Ah, my cardigan (which is a bolero but I called it a cardigan? :/ I should change that) is the Triple Frill bolero. You can find it in these two links:
      Well, I'd say force your friends! And they will probably like Harajuku anyway, it's so amazing to just look around!
      Thank you very much. ^^ ♥

    2. Haha, I've always been obsessed with shoes :P I loove wearing lolita shoes with normal outfits, it brightens them up and prettifies them!~
      Thanks for those links! Very helpful of you~ Adding them to my very very big wishlist hahaha.
      And yes I shall force my friends muahaha :P Though they will like Akihabara since we're all a bit otaku, and Harajuku shouls be interesting enough. And A few of us are huuge fans of Pokemon, so we are definitely planning to spend a lot of time shopping in a Pokemon Center store x3

  12. How much was the fantastic dolly dress?

    1. Oh dear, I don't remember exactly how much it was. :/ Below 20000 yen... that I know.

  13. Aww. Wish my parents could bring me there and show them Japan's beauty XD
    Actually, I have no job ;_; no money=no trips, ghhhh.
    Nice report! The photo with the japanese students is cute XD

  14. Definitely have been reading! I'm enjoying myself!

  15. Long time no see.
    Thank you my photo:)The bolero has come loose and it is shameful.

    I'm waiting for your next trip!A Japanese cherry tree is very beautiful.

  16. Yay! So many photos! ♥ And that's so awesome! You're like a celebrity in Japan! I thought that was so adorable how everyone wanted a photo with the sweet Loli! X3
    You're so lucky you got to go to all of these wonderful shops!

    1. Haha yes, I put on maaany pictures! I like so many of them and I always love reading blogs with lots of pictures too. ^^
      Haha, thank you? XD I felt quite honoured people wanted my picture, hihi. ^^

  17. hi i love all of your posts!!!! i was wondering if you could write a tokyo shopping guide post. you see, im going to japan in about two weeks and is excited to go shopping (im also alittle clueless)! could you help me? thank you so much and by the way, that salopette was a great purchase. it looks great on you!:)

  18. The Japanese, polite and courteous, not rushing to get into trains or shoving you?? Must be nice to be on a short vacation and have the best timing ever because I've been living in Tokyo for a year and a half and:

    1. There is trash all over the Yamanote trains such as empty beer cans. Didn't used to be, but there are now. It's sad.

    2. People talk on their phones, less so than in Europe or the US, but they do, and they don't even talk in a small voice or cover their mouth like they used to. When they don't talk on the phone they talk to the people with them, EXTREMELY loud; if there are only seats across from each other open, they'll talk to each other from across the way.

    3. There is seriously not a *single* day in my life where I don't get shoved so hard that I have bruising. Yesterday some guy was walking against traffic, saw me, looked right at my face, and elbowed me in the ribs, then kept walking. People don't walk straight so if you try to walk next to them to pass them them will inevitably crash into you. If you're gaijin they won't apologize 90% of the time; instead they'll give you a death look and expect you to say sorry for "being in the way"...I used to apologize, but I've had too many shoes scuffed and too many bruises to bend over when it's not my fault anymore.

    4. People rush into the trains all the time. I don't care about that, but people stick their bags into the doors so they re-open and they can get in. What you're saying is just not true. I ride the Yamanote about 6 times per day. How many have you ridden it total in your life? Please, don't make sweeping statements like that.

    5. When I wear knits it's pretty routine that people's backpack keychains get stuck in my knits while crashing into me or standing too close on the train. They notice, they rip it out, my knit is ruined, and they neither care nor apologize.

    This is ONLY the beginning. I like Japan. I like being here. But TOKYO is *hell* for stuff like this and the statements you're making are simply not true- they're your experience gathered on a few short trips, but they're anything but the truth. Nobody gets a true picture of how a country or a population is by just coming for a vacation.

    I don't mean to rain on your parade, as I'm glad you had a nice time, and it seems most people who only come here on vacation don't notice how bad it is (I didn't notice it when I came on vacation either, and pre-2010 or so it was much better), but Tokyo is a warzone now, especially for the gaijin, and especially for the Lolita gaijin. Though I get punched and body checked a lot in any outfit, I have noticed an increase in intentional hits when I wear Lolita. Keep in mind that I don't wear ridiculously over the top outfits, I'm quiet, I'm polite, *I* look where I'm going, I don't toss my trash everywhere, I speak fluent Japanese, and have a general respect for other people's space and comfort. So I'm not the angry blazing gaijin that deserves to get bodychecked into a cash counter (yes, that's happened).

    Please don't make gross generalizations like "the Japanese are so polite, they never do this, they never do that" just based on a few good trips.I assume you don't speak fluent Japanese so you don't even know what people are saying around you behind your back. Trust me, I thought everyone was being nice too until I could actually understand everything they were saying about how they wish "gaijin would go home" after seeing me and talking behind me while thinking I was a stupid American who spoke no Japanese.

    There are extremely polite, extremely considerate, extremely nice people here. I have met many. I've also met many Americans, Europeans, Indians, etc...with the same qualities. But I see horrible, rude, racist, selfish, disgusting people here every single day. Unfortunately in this day and age, they are the majority, just like anywhere else in the world.