Sunday, March 28, 2021

気に入る: BtSSB’s Kumya-chan's Love Heart Embroidery

I’ve decided that I’d like to start a new series so that once in a while I can write about a dress, other piece of clothing or accessory that I like for a bit. 気に入る or ‘ki ni iru’ means ‘to like’, ‘to be pleased with’ or ‘to be delighted with’, so I thought it would make a suitable title. For this first edition, I’d like to talk about Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s new series ‘Kumya-chan’s Love Heart Embroidery’.

This series consists of two JSKs, a One Piece, a head bow, a ribbon clip, wristcuffs, OTKs, two blouses and an outfit to match with your Usakumya. The dresses come in red, pink, sax blue and black. The picture at the beginning of this post seems to suggest there is a white version too, but it's on not advertised.
The first dress in this series is the Kumya-chan's Love Heart Embroidery jumperskirt I. Do you see that incredibly adorable Kumya border!? Now ladies and gentlemen, please note that, as the name says, this is all embroidery! That's right, this series' adorable Kumya borders and other decorations are all embroidered! I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore this! ♥ The embroidery is white on the black, sax blue and red dress and dark pink on the pink dress. Personally I think the red and black versions of this series do the most justice to the embroidery, but the sax blue and pink dresses also look very adorable!
This jsk also has a scalloped border on the chest, adorable heart buttons, polkadotted lace along the hem and ears attached to the straps! This dress is so cute, I can barely cope! ;0;
The second dress in this series is the Kumya-chan's Love Heart Embroidery jumperskirt II, a most inspired name. It comes with the same adorable embroidery as the first dress and polkadotted lace along the hem, but overall has a bit more of a classic feel to it. There are no ear-straps, but an elegant round collar, decorative corset lacing and a big bow. Although I adore the first dress, I think I prefer the second one, thanks to it slightly more mature feel. ♥
The last dress in this series is the Kumya-chan's Love Heart Embroidery one piece. Naturally, this dress also comes with the embroidery, but has (rather tight-looking sleeves) and a beautiful big collar with lots of lace. There is no polkadotted lace along the hem, but there seems to be shorter, regular lace instead. I'm not a fan of wearing one pieces myself and on the picture these sleeves look a little uncomfortable... I do like the overall look of this dress and the fact it has different lace from the JSKs.
In case you're afraid you won't have a twin at the next Twin Meet, you can always buy a matching set for your Usakumya! Doesn't the little Usakumya in the picture look too cute!? ♥ I especially love how the embroidery hasn't been downsized to be on scale to the Usakumya; it's just left the same size as the actual dress. I don't know why, but I think that is super cute.
The rest of the items in this series all come with the most adorable matching Usakumya lace! Look at that ribbon clip! It has little faces on it! ;0; ♥ The lace on both the blouses and the wrist cuffs have Usakumyas too. I love this level of paying attention to detail!

So yes, in short: I absolutely adore this series! ♥ Surprisingly I think my favourite is the black colourway, probably because it shows the beautiful ambroidery so well. If I ever happen to come across the second JSK version, I would definitely consider getting it!
Do you like the idea of me just talking about items, either old or new, once in a while? And do you like this series? Let me know! ^^

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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