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Interview with the Lolita: Joana

This week in ‘Interview with the Lolita’ I talk with a Lolita from Portugal. She has an incedibly varying and creative style. Whatever she wears, she rocks it, whether it’s Gothic, Classic or Sweet! She loves dolls and likes to keep track of special memories on her blog Redtonic. Here is: Joana!

Lolita Wonderland: First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Joana: My name is Jo and I am 31 years old. I live in a small but beautiful European country: Portugal. Other than Lolita I cannot say I have a lot of hobbies at the moment due to lack of time but I like to occasionally write letters (penpalling), read, browse the internet, blog, watch movies and tv series and I used to enjoy painting (mainly acrylics on canvas) but I have just realised that I haven’t done a single piece in many years. I am also a doll collector I supposed and I like and own some Ball Jointed dolls, pullip dolls and Blythe dolls.

Lolita Wonderland: When and how did you discover Lolita?

Joana: I remember the how more than the when…
It was when I saw Malice Mizer’s videos basically, Mana’s style was so incredible I remember I wanted to look just like him! After that I started searching for more info on them and eventually found the style. I think this was around 1999 but I only started wearing Lolita for real a couple of years after this.

Lolita Wonderland: You wear very varying outfits style-wise. How would you describe your own Lolita style?

Joana: You are absolutely right, I do wear Gothic Lolita, Classic Lolita and also a bit of sweet and otome. I have a big problem which is to like almost everything and that means I will also want to own a bit of everything and once you have things in your closet then you must wear them otherwise it seems like a waste.
I think despite this mess I’d still describe my style as Elegant. Not sure what else to say to attempt to describe it.

Lolita Wonderland: What is your favourite brand?

Joana: I am currently very confused because I like so many brands and designers at the moment but I must say it is probably Moi-même-Moitié and Atelier Pierrot.

Lolita Wonderland: What is your absolute Dream Dress?

Joana: My ultimate Dream Dress was Moi-même-Moitié’s Iron Gate print onepiece which was a pain to obtain but after so many years I could finally say that I own. I am cur-rently in love with how Lolita is being done nowadays so I almost always have things that I’d like to have and because it is impossible to keep up I found myself not being able to name a dream piece.

Lolita Wonderland: What would you like to see more in Lolita, like certain prints or accessories?

Joana: I would like to see more prints on chiffon light fabrics much like Moitié makes (unfor-tunately they aren’t releasing much lately…) in plus sized versions that do not exact-ly mean being 100% shirred or super high waist. I find that there’s enough for eve-ryone in terms of motifs to be honest, at least my favourites seem to be covered (crosses, stained glass, elegant lace etc).

Lolita Wonderland: You are the mother of an adorable little daughter. Does having a child influence your Lolita life in some way?

Joana: Aww thank you <3. Yes I am a mother, my daughter is now two years old. I find that even though I recently got a promotion, money is going elsewhere now so I haven’t been shopping much which is a change. Not that I used to buy much but I would at least once a month get something smaller or a dress every so often.
I also find that I attend less meetups but it might also be because there aren’t many in my country at all anyway. But I used to try to organize things more often before than I do now and I’m sure its because of my family life as well as being busy at work.

Lolita Wonderland: What is the best event you ever attended?

Joana: Oh this one is easy! The best has been Enchanted, for sure. I do not have the chance to attend international events that often. I am looking forward to La vie en rose now… I feel lucky that I am able to attend something like this again. There are still tickets available. People should be rushing to get them, it’ll be soooo worth it!

Lolita Wonderland: Is Lolita well-known in your country?

Joana: There was a time when it was absolutely unknown and it wasn’t that long ago. A couple of years ago the community was contacted by several tv channels and mag-azines wanting to show case it. Personally I try to stay away from the spot light as much as I can but we had some girls in the community willing to appear in order to inform the general public. After that I have noticed a change not in mind-set but at least people would call us Lolita from time to time meaning that they got the info. Still it isn’t that well known, it’s the same as most places I suppose.

Lolita Wonderland: What is the Portuguese Lolita community like?

Joana: The Portuguese community is and has always been tiny. When I started it my goal was to not be the only one around enjoying the frills and for that it has served its purpose. But when that happens one cannot help but to want more… and seeing most foreign communities being able to have big meetings and events made me dream about having the same around here except it doesn’t seem possible still. It is just small.
There are some people who consider Lolita to be very important to them and you see their style evolve and you also see them put Egl Portugal always first but there are mostly cruisers, people who enjoy the fashion but who only do what they want if or when they want to. I would love to see a change here but I know it isn’t easy in to-day’s world.
When it comes to styles there’s a bit of everything, there’s a bit of sweet Lolita, peo-ple into classic and gothic. There’s even some girls who play a bit with punk Lolita and one of the staff members is into boy style. I believe there might be a bit more of sweet around but these things due to size are not very noticeable.

Lolita Wonderland: You have a blog named Redtonic. Why did you choose this name and do you like blogging?

Joana: Well my nickname has been Redtonic for years so that’s the only reason why I picked that name, it is easier for people to put a name to the blog owner.
Why did I start blogging? I have blogged for many many years… ever since I first got to Livejournal. I had two accounts and the redtonic one is from 2004. For a reason I do not quite remember I have decided to open a blogger account and I have been blogging there instead. The only reason I blog is (this is going to sound quite strange) because my memory is terrible! I love traveling and sharing special mo-ments with loved ones and I decided I should try to write about these moments so they won’t be forgotten. That has made me try to photograph these days and register what was special about them. I basically write for myself but because there’s some things about my hobbies I have decided to share it with others. When I was young, up till when I was a teenager I also kept paper format journals so I guess I’m just used to doing so.

Lolita Wonderland: Finally, what does Lolita mean to you?

Joana: This is the big one, the question I never seem to be able to answer. I honestly do not know what it means to me completely. I know that I have very low self-esteem and that when I saw people in it I thought they looked beautiful and that I wanted to know how that felt. When I wore it in the start I felt somewhat pretty and that made me want to do it more often. I’ve been wearing it and thinking of it and working for it for so many years that I cannot see myself without having a connection with Lolita at some level. So I don’t know what it means to me at the moment, I think i’m too envolved to be able to think clearly about this. I hope this makes sense…

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